Choosing your Shower

When choosing a handshower first make sure of the water pressure at the residence. If it is mains pressure you can choose any Gracott handshower. If you have low water pressure, purchase a Gracott handshower suitable for low water pressures.

You can choose your very own combination of Gracott handshowers, rail showers or wall showers by interchanging any of the handshowers, rails or wall brackets to suit your own particular requirements. You can also interchange any of the wallshowers and arms. If you need help in this regard, speak to your store representative or contact Gracott direct and we will be only too glad to help you.

For gravity feed hot water systems, or if you are on tank water without a pressure pump, use only a Gracott all water pressure unit or a unit specially recommended for low water pressures.

Before purchasing a handshower with a bracket that screws directly onto your water outlet (eliminating the need to drill tiles) and shower arms that come straight out of the wall outlet, check the height of the outlet to see that you could shower comfortably under it. Sometimes the outlet is low and some units may not be suitable. You may have to purchase a Gracott handshower on a rail or an upswept shower arm to give you the extra height needed.

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